DTM-Print DUP-15B Copytower 15 Burnerdrives DVD, one reader, 320GB HDD

1,599.00 ex vat.

Price Match

For high volume in short time demands the DUP™ is your best solution. Whether you’re looking for a very simple duplicator that just copies directly from disc to disc or you want to utilize our market leading advance features such as account management, auto counter, partition naming, load and copy, and so much more, we have the manual tower duplicator for you. The DUP™ produces the highest quality duplications at the fastest duplicating speeds. Whether you have an independent business out of your home or you operate a large corporation or duplication studio, the DUP™ to meets your needs. Plus, at a very affordable price, the DUP™ is the smart choice and an ideal combination with our High-Speed Autoprinters!

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