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Dear Customer,

In order to help protect our customers and staff - taking into account the currect COVID restrictions please note that we have introduced new procedures for all visitors to our showroom:

1) The Maximum visitors we can safely handle in the premises at any one time is 2 people.

2) When you arrive at our showroom the door will be closed. Please ring the bell and wait until it is safe to enter. Please be patient we will try our best not to delay you.

3) Please make sure you socially distance yourself at all times when on the premises – at least 2 metres from staff and other customers and face-masks are mandatory for everyone.

4) We can only take card payments or online bank transfers at the moment – no cash or cheques can be accepted.

5) Please use email or phone to contact us regarding sales or technical enquiries.

6) There will be no drop-in pre-sales enquiries possible – Please email or phone us to make an appointment so that we can control the amount of visitors safely.

7) Maximum time allowed on the premises for any individual is 15 minutes. Unfortunately we cannot allow browsing in the showroom until further notice.

If in any doubt at all please phone or email us : 01 4924374   or   sales@camerakit.ie

We are really sorry for any inconvenience these new procedures may cause you – we hope to be back to normal service as soon as possible.

Please bear with us

The Camerakit Team